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The Anatolian biota is famous for its richness and great numbers of endemic plants and animals. Weevils, the superfamily Curculionoidea of the insect order Coleoptera, constitute the largest family-group animal taxon in Anatolia and on Earth. Being specialized herbivores, many weevils are closely associated with particular plant taxa, plant communities, and types of vegetation. Many species of weevils are pests of wild and cultivated plants important for nature and economy of Turkey, and some are associated with Turkish plants which have become established in neighboring and oversea countries as invasive pests. These latter weevils are or may become agents of biological control of weeds and thus also have great scientific and economic value as a part of the Turkey and World biological resources. Warm climate of Mediterranean Turkey is favorable for some widespread subtropical pests which occasionally appear in Turkey and cause damage to vegetation. Thus, investigation of weevils is important for better scientific knowledge of the Anatolian nature and its maintenance at the level fitting social (economic, education and other cultural) requests.

This website is dedicated to be a core point for Anatolian weevils for sharing scientific data, display species diversity, their distributions, host plants, biological, taxonomic and systematic outputs and related digital images.

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